Roggeman Air Conditioning & Refrigeration is committed to providing you custom comfort solutions designed to fit your needs and your budget. Our qualified experts will help you select the best type and size of unit for your home and comfort needs.

While we repair and service all makes and models of units, we recommend you purchase the best. As a factory authorized Carrier dealer, we want to offer you the most dependable and efficient products on the market today.

To learn more about our selection of Carrier products or any of our other products and services, please contact us online or schedule a free estimate today.

At Roggeman Air Conditioning, we work with you to identify your unique air conditioning needs. We’ll help you select a unit guaranteed to perform at an efficiency level that fits your budget. Whether single stage, 2-stage or 5-stage, we help you design a system that's right for you. We are a factory authorized Carrier dealer. We bring you the most dependable and efficient products on the market today. No matter which unit you choose, you are certain to experience a quiet unit, offering superior comfort and humidity control. Air conditioners may look similar, but their Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) can vary widely and with higher SEER numbers, You can save more money spent on electricity.



Heat pumps are one of the most resourceful ways to electrically heat or cool your home. Functioning like an air conditioner in the summer and an electric furnace in the winter, the device pumps heat from cooler to warmer locations and can extract heat from the air, water or earth. Heat Pumps can come in Single Stage, 2-Stage or 5-Stage like a regular condenser but much more efficient.







An air handler is the portion of your central air conditioning system responsible for moving cooled air throughout your home’s duct work. Installing and maintaining an efficient air handler means less strain is placed on your outdoor air conditioning unit. The same scenario applies to your home heating unit. Air handlers paired with a heat pump produce similar high-performing results.

When you experience deficiencies or noticeable inconsistencies in the quality of your home cooling system, the problem can often be attributed to your air handlers. Poor air circulation can lead to warmer, more humid air than desired.







The Carrier Comfort to Infinity Gas Furnace does a great job delivering quiet, efficient, and warm winter comfort. As part of your total indoor comfort system, it continues to play a vital role during the cooling season as well. Carrier Furnaces provides comfortable heat while generating very little sound in the process due to the insulated cabinet that isolates sound levels at their source. The Furnace has an intelligent control that provides the best combination of comfort and energy helping to ensure even temperatures. The Furnace has either a Single or variable speed blower motor that offer high efficiency airflow and temperature maintenance.




Thermostats are very important in how efficiently your heating and cooling unit runs and how comfortable you are. Roggeman Air offers Non-programmable, 5/2 day Programmable, and a Infinity Touch Wifi Thermostats all depending on your needs and lifestyle.
With non-programmable thermostats you can simply set your thermostat to a desired room temperature and it will maintain a steady comfort level. They are Simple to use that requires little attention; just set it and forget it. Consistent comfort Not needing to adjust or reset to achieve desired temperature. They also have a Classic design that has a Attractive look and fits any home décor.

Enjoy flexibility with programmable and Wifi thermostats. Individual settings let you customize your comfort based on your home needs and personal lifestyle. They also help maximize energy savings by adjusting temperatures for times when you’re not home or don’t require special comfort settings. These thermostats are Easy to use with Clear and simple menus that make programming a snap. They have Programming options to Set up to 7 different temperature conditions, including vacation settings. They give Significant savings with more than 25% on annual heating and cooling costs. Last but not leases they Improved air circulation with Fan controls can be programmed to improve circulation.



Although your heating and cooling system uses a basic air filter, it’s main purpose is to block dust and other matter from clogging up your unit. It’s role in overall air quality is not that great. For those who suffer from allergies or asthma, air cleaners are an excellent way to alleviate the symptomatic upper respiratory issues.
Whole home air cleaners cleanse the air throughout your entire home by removing particulates like dust, mold, pollen, bacteria, viruses, pet dander and other pollutants.

Benefits of Air Cleaners

  • Reduce 99% of household dust and allergens
  • Eliminate musty or lingering odors
  • Hinder the spread of cold and flu viruses
  • Efficient and inexpensive to operate




UV Germicidal lamps are an efficient and effective way to purify your indoor air. Using a non-chemical approach to air purification, ultraviolet technology is a very effective method for sterilizing contaminates floating throughout your home. UV lamps are considered to be one of the most effective air sterilization techniques available because unlike chemicals, pathogens and microorganisms cannot develop a resistance to the light. Ultraviolet energy, at the right wavelength, is lethal to viruses, bacteria and mold spores of any size.
When the microorganisms are exposed to the light, the genetic material of the microorganism is deconstructed and prevents them from reproducing – rendering it harmless.

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Benefits of UV Germicidal Lamps

  • Kills microorganisms of any size
  • Works in conjunction with your duct work
  • Effective method of sterilization
  • Removes odor causing bacteria from the air
  • Improves the overall quality of your indoor air