Work Safer.  Work Smarter.
Increase Your Bottom Line

Roggeman Equipment has Absolute E-Z Up Lifts for Sale or Lease.

Workers are a company's most valuable asset.  An injured worker is not a productive one, which increases costs.  Additionally, higher insurance premiums and liability eat away the bottom line.

Safer, More Efficient

Absolute E-Z Up's low-level access equipment is a safer alternative to ladders.  Both manual and electric units are available.  Features include:

  • Adjustable cargo shelves:  allow smooth and safe transition from the unit to and from the delivery area in a quick safe manner;
  • Dual extensions decks: allow quick adjustment for up and over movement in small or narrow aisles or hallways and allow plenty of room for the tools and material needed while in the air or driving;
  • Proportional lift and drive systems: Provide infinite variable speeds and precision maneuvering for safer use;
  • Project-focused accessories, such as the Rocker:  make quick work of drywall or acoustical tile installation. 

The Bottom Line

If you reduce loss-time due to injury, you lower costs and increase productivity and profits.  Absolute E-Z Up is the safe, low-cost solution.  Experience for yourself how the Absolute E-Z Up line of equipment can reduce risk and increase profits and productivity.  Contact us today at 361-643-4034 for more information or to set up a demo.  See and feel the quality first hand!