We Keep Commercial Comfort Solutions Coming

From indoor air quality to energy savings, our commercial projects can benefit from our unrivaled level of professional knowledge and expertise. Whether you need to cool an entire office building or just chill a wine cellar to a precise temperature, Roggeman Air Conditioning can do the job!

Your commercial project should have exactly the right amount of air conditioning for its size and unique demand characteristics. That’s why Roggeman Air Conditioning performs an in-depth load calculation prior to making any recommendations.  We know that you have a lot more on your plate than maintaining the AC systems in your buildings. Roggeman Air Conditioning takes that worry off your hands and make sure your equipment operates at optimal efficiency and performance, reducing monthly and long-term costs.




"The Baking Process"

40 ton Carrier Chiller was Painted then Baked with 413C Brown Semi-Gloss Phenolic Heresite Protective Coating.

Commercial Job @ Local Refinery

Heresite is the Coating of Choice for Applications that Require Chemical or High Salinity Resistance Properties under the harshest of Industrial, Coastal, or Marine Conditions from Heat Transfer Equipment to Transportation and Storage.

The Process includes Surface Preparation, multiple coil immersions or sprays, a bake between each coat, and a final high temperature cure. This Process makes it more flexible for use on light gauge metal like finned tube coils, fans, and duct. The P-413C baking Phenolic will withstand exposure to practically all corrosive and chemical fumes.